3 doctors in 3 days

It has been a pretty interesting week at the Barreiro house.  Maximo broke is middle toe on his right foot. He has it in a “buddy cast.”  For those of you that don’t know, that is simply what they call it when you tape one toe to the other. Maximo thinks it’s pretty cool until he has to go to sleep at night and slows down long enough to feel the ache. 

I ran a couple extra tests for the oncologist this week. I started experiencing pain in my chest muscles and made everyone nervous. Who am I kidding, it freaked me the heck out. Turns out it’s a side effect of my chemotherapy and should start going away. I was just worried about another tumor but it is exactly the opposite.  The chemotherapy is working well enough it starts to over do it and they may reduce the dosage. That could be really cool. 

As if Maximo and I having trips to the doctor wasn’t enough, Josué found himself in the emergency room after a late night soccer game.  He displaced his little finger and has to see a specialist to fix a ligament. He’s wearing a little finger mold for 10 days.  Seriously,  it’s a good thing we have insurance. We keep Idaho Falls doctors employed. 


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