CT Scan This Friday

This Friday is the first CT scan since starting chemotherapy.  I am pretty nervous.  I should be excited.  The lump in my breast is gone and this is a good indicator that the chemotherapy is working better than they projected.  My fear is, what if they cancer in my lungs hasn’t gone down or they find it in another area.  These are the thoughts that creep into my mind throughout the day.  I try to keep myself busy but that is hard when you are on “house arrest.”

I got a little sinus infection this week and you’d think I was contaminated with Ebola or something similar.  My doctor about freaked out when I had a temperature of 100.1.  He kept threatening to put me in the hospital if my temperature hit 100.4.  I showed him.  I just took my beanies off for a good 15 minutes before each reading to ensure my temperature was nice and cool.  Then, the darn doctor made me do a blood culture.  As if drawing blood from my chest port on a weekly basis isn’t enough, this week they drew from the port and then had to take another sample from my arm.  I had to get poked by needles twice!  They drew so much blood I had to wait a few minutes before I could leave because I had driven myself.  To top things off the doctor infused some antibiotics into my system and then gave me a prescription to take.  All this to make sure I can see me family and friends this weekend at the race.  So you all better be there because I’m going to be loaded on germ fighting antibiotics to be around all of you.

I’m confined to the house until my next doctor check-in later this week and the dreaded the CT scan.  At this scan, they will pump me full of iodine and light me up like a stop light.  I don’t know how many of you have had iodine flushed through your system but it makes you feel like you are wetting your pants.  Even though the Technician keeps assuring me that I am not urinating, the sensation is pretty real.  Then the wait!

There will be no results until Tuesday when I meet with the doctor just before another bout of chemotherapy.  I won’t lie…I’m pretty freaking nervous.  I’m tired of test results with bad news.  My fingers are crossed that something is finally going our way.  I know the prayers of everyone have to start paying off at some point.  I feel them.  I feel those prayers.  They lift me and motivate me.  Keep them coming.


One thought on “CT Scan This Friday

  1. Dallan says:

    Dallan Flake here. I wanted to let you know how concerned I am about your health. You’ve been in my prayers and will remain so. I’m so impressed with your positive attitude and grace as you endure this trial. You’re an inspiration. Hang in there.

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