On Top Of The World

prince-gold-symbol-signSo the artist, formally known as Prince, died yesterday.  At some point, he had change his Prince title to this ridiculous symbol for Love.  The humor is not in his death, as I don’t find death funny.  However, last night Josue was watching Globo News (that’s the Brazilian news where all the female reporters look like super models) and they were doing a tribute to Prince.  I found myself laughing pretty hard as every song clip they played I could sing.  That was when Maximo says “Mom, you are old.  This singer is dead and you know all his sPrinceongs.”  It dawned on me at that point that when an artist dies, who started decades before, and you can sing all his songs, it could just be an indicator that you have hit the point of no longer young.  I would like to say of Prince , he did contribute songs like Purple Rain and Living In A Red Corvette.  Both of which are actually really stupid songs but everyone can sing them when they hear them.  To all the secret Prince fans (because no one should ever admit they liked him) I am sorry about your loss.

Now, let’s talk really cool music business.  As many of you know, several of my really close friends have been working on putting together a 5k fun run.  It is called MILES FOR MARY.  I am stoked.  I can’t believe that anyone would every do anything like this to help us out.  However, these people have gone above and beyond.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE THERE!!  I don’t care if you run or walk or sit or cheer or complain or whine or laugh at me or whatever.  I get to see everyone.  And it will be the depute of my bald head.  That’s right!  It’s a super hero themed run so if people want to dress up, they can.  Josue and I are totally going in costume.  He’s going as Superman and I’m Lex Luther.  After all, I am his kryptonite.

You are probably wondering how MILES FOR MARY has anything to so with music.  Oh, let me explain.  Somehow, Jorge’s wife has pulled some stings and been able to get an authentic, autographic jacket from Dan Reynolds.  For those of you who don’t know, that is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons.  If you don’t know you they are, stop right now and go lookimagine dragons up some of their songs.  You will recognize songs like I Bet My Life and On Top Of The World and several others.  To top it off, go read about this guy.  He’s great.  He does a lot of really good things for people and  comes from really good stock.  His jacket is going to be raffled or auctioned or something like that.  I don’t get all the details because all the people in charge keep me out of the stress.  I just get to show and enjoy the freaking awesome event with all of you.

In fact, these great people have put together several really cool packages to raffle off.  I don’t know what to say to them, except that all my family and friends are going to show up to support this event.  So, tell everyone!  Just click on any of the  MILES FOR MARY  titles you see in this blog and it will take you to the link to sign up.  Come on!  You get a killer shirt for just participating.  If this crazy old lady can do it, so can any of you.  I am so often stuck in my house, with nothing to do and now I get to spend a whole day with people I think are awesome and probably haven’t seen in quite some time.  It will be the week before another bout of chemotherapy, May 14 at Snake River Landing in Idaho Falls, and I will be feeling great.  I want so badly to see everyone.  Even if you don’t run or register, come and be part of this.  My bald head is going to need all the support it can get.  Besides, it gives me hope…it helps me feel like I’m ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

Side note: at the beginning of this blog I requested that it stay between the few people that were invited by email.  That was dumb!  It has already grown to more than the originals and I want to reach as many people as possible. If there is a chance to touch their lives, then lets do it.  I would ask that if you know any of my clients, don’t invite them to the site but other than that, please, feel free to share my story.  I am becoming more confident about the changes in my life and if they help others then let us all be part of helping them.


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