So, I spent most of the week trapped in my house.  After having a white blood cell count that was too low, I was placed on an antibiotic and told not to go anywhere from Thursday until Monday morning.  One can only be trapped in their house for so long before insanity begins to settle in.  However, I have tried to make the best of it.  In my days trapped in my home, I have gained some little pearls of knowledge.

PEARL #1: I really appreciate certain things.  I like a nice towel when I get out of the shower (thank you Stephanie).  When your body has no hair, the softer the towel the better the feel.  I think more things should come with hoods on them.  My head is almost always cold and sometimes I need the hood over my beanies to get enough warmth.  I like good running socks.  They fit your foot right and make being shoeless all day a real enjoyment.  Good skin care products are awesome.  My poor bald head has never seen sun and it is suffering from the fresh air.  The lotions I’m using make a huge difference.  They allow my head to be as soft as a baby’s behind, as well, it is quite frankly as white as a baby’s behind.

PEARL #2: Grocery shopping is a gender specific job.  I can send Josue to the store, with a detailed list, and he will return with things that no one in our home eats.  I asked him to get to get milk for days and he kept coming home with Welch’s Grape Juice (his favorite) but no milk.  I have started making lists with pictures as to avoid confusion.  It will have pictures of the kinds of Pringles the kids eat or the mayo we like.  I don’t understand how after nearly 15 years of marriage he still doesn’t notice what he eats on a regular basis.

PEARL #3: Mail is still really appreciated.  My grandmother sends me letters in the mail (yes, it still exists and carries letters from one person to another) every week.  They aren’t very long and her writing is getting a little shaky. Nevertheless, I love them. She always tells me about the weather in Rupert and which of her kids came to help her out.  Occasionally, I get confused in her thoughts, like when I thought she was calling my Aunt Bonnie by Butter but later discovered my Uncle Mark had come to visit and brought their dog Butter.  We really should write more letters.

PEARL #4: I have an authority problem.  I don’t think this one is much of a surprise to people but it is becoming more and more blatant.  If you told me to work, I’d be mad and want to be home.  Oh no, my doctor says to stay home and suddenly I think of a million reasons I absolutely have to leave.  In my mind, I am the exception to the rule.  I can handle it.  I feel fine.  Just let me do one more thing and then I’ll stay home.

PEARL #5: Somethings never change.  It doesn’t matter if I am at work 4 hours a week or 40 hours a week, Jorge is not going to do anything more than he absolutely has to.  He will sweep in with a ton of ideas flowing through his mind, spew them out all over everyone, and leave everyone to figure out if they are supposed to realize them or not.  Then, two days later, he will return and wonder what the heck everyone is asking him about because he has had so many other things to do  that he can’t remember what he was even thinking the last time he was in the office.  All the while, the people left in the office are about ready to strangle him. If it weren’t for the fact that he genuinely cares about all them enough to go the extra mile whenever they need him I’m sure he would be dead.  That and he is an amazing counselor!

PEARL #6: Somethings do change.  My little neighborhood has seen people move in and out over the years.  The moves never seem to shift the daily routine of those of us who aren’t going anywhere.  But cancer has made a world of difference.  The way we all talk to our extended family, as if they know our neighbors like their own close friends, is different.  We used to worry if Rachelle had enough Diet Coke to get through Sunday, as to keep the Sabbath Day holy (sadly, this is hard one).  Now, my neighbors tell me I can be angry for a bit but I’m not allowed to let it change my outlook and then they proceed to tell me things I have told them to help uplift me.  I used to be stronger.  Now, I gratefully weep at the strength I feel from those around me.  I used to hate seeing people and now I can’t wait to hear from them or have them text.  I’m always stoked when my friends sneak in a little “Mary Time.”  Although, I feel like all those involved in the Miles For Mary Run are getting more “Mary Time” than they every wanted.

While these aren’t enough pearls to make necklace, they are pretty cool.  Sometimes I get so caught up in what I can’t have that I don’t see the treasures that I do have.  Writing this has reminded me that things aren’t that bad…they are temporary.  I have great people in my life and we are making memories.  I hope to one day send letters to my granddaughter full of pearls that she can enjoy or just laugh at, either way it brings joy.


2 thoughts on “Pearls

  1. ktdancer4 says:

    Oh my gosh!! I laughed so loud over the grape juice instead of milk!! So funny! I loved our conversation yesterday! I could have stayed on the phone with you all day. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t come visit. Can I come sit outside your window and we can talk?

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