What’s in the box?

Our little neighborhood has a March Madness Fanatic (yes, that’s you Rachelle) living in it.  It is her goal to figure out how to put a person-sized bracket on her garage for the great play-off season.  Every year she attempts to get everyone to fill out tournament brackets and join in a little healthy fun.  This year, she went as far as going to the homes of those playing and helping the younger kids, and Josue, fill out their brackets.

NikeEach participating member put some random object into “the trophy box.”  To be better explained, it is a Nike shoebox full of random items, mostly junk food, and a wooden basketball that is used as a trophy.  ChampAs you can imagine, all of these prizes make this time of year totally worth it (that is sarcasm you are reading).  Who wouldn’t want to display such a beautiful trophy all year long, with the hopes of winning it again next year.  Please note: they are the same orange color.  Apparently Rachelle only does things in Nike Orange.

To top off this adventure our little group of neighborhood members would receive updates about our locations in the rankings.  These would usually be followed with some sort of hilarious visual response from Josue.  A known favorite was thePope infamous Pope Frances giving his Thumbs Up Approval to Josue being in the top 15 brackets.  Be advised there were 21 of us and at least four are under the age of 8.  This picture got a huge laugh from all.  Then, there was his final response when he found out that he was to finish in the Top 10.  He was pretty proud of his standing.

Top 10My strategy to fill out my bracket was to simply pick the highest seated team in each game and then find some Cinderella team to make it to at least the final four.  I ended up picking North Carolina and Villanova for the final game.  You better believe it…I picked Villanovafor the win.  Until yesterday, I didn’t even know where they were located.  Turns out this Philadelphia based team just won me a box full of junk and the world’s ugliest basketball trophy.  The funny thing is, while watching the game I referred to it as football and once as soccer and I had no idea they play two halves instead of quarters.  Oddly enough, I plan to display my trophy with pride all year long and hope to win it next year (although I heard the odds of winning it the first time were like 1 in a zillion).   It was a fabulous game.  Our tournament came down to me and one other guy in a our neighborhood, a real trendsetter if you ask me.  I would have been honored to give him the trophy, but, alas, it will be dusted at my house this year.



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