Power of Ice Cream

It’s totally official!  I am unique…or at least one in like 8 billion. I got the results back from my genetics testing and 27 of the tested genes were negative for a mutation.  I now have scientific proof of how unique I am.  It was explained to me that a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis seldom comes in a family with no cancer history but it is rare for none of the genes, even the lower risk ones, to have no mutations.

So, what does this mean?  For starters, my children are at considerably lower risk of Amy type of cancer. HURRAY. What parent doesn’t want to hear their kids are protected?  It means that my mom and sisters are less likely to suffer this blasted disease. However, it means that for me it was a trial hand picked. One person used the word foreordained. My sister, Ann, in response to the negative genetics tests said, “so it’s not biological.  It must be a spiritual disease for you.”  Both explanation seem to sum up how I feel about this adventure.

I have been lucky enough to start back to work, on a limited basis, this past week. I’m just doing groups with the adolescents but it feels really good to have some of my old routine back. I get to work on the weeks I don’t have chemotherapy and I’m co-facilitating with Amanda. I work with the greatest people ever!

Speaking of supportive people, Josué was so great today. For the past few days I have been complaining about how bad my hair follicles hurt. Then, I started complaining about how fast my hair was falling out. Tonight, he offered to help me out. After telling me he knows I will look beautiful no matter what, he shaved my head.

He buzzed it off while Marina took pictures and Maximo pointed out all the clumps of hair falling on the floor. I hate having to go bald but having such a good family to support me through it makes it okay. I’d like to think that Josué sent out a picture afterwards to show people how cute his wife is but I think he was just proud of his work. Either way, he sent out the following photo.

 I have been really nervous about how people would respond to me not having hair. But everyone has been so nice. They compliment my beanies and point out how nice I look. It’s pretty cool until I start thinking about why I never got such nice compliments before.  Maybe I wasn’t as pretty before, or they feel pity, or maybe they were always nice and I can hear them now. Either way, I am grateful. I am grateful for kind words, encouragement, people’s time, and blizzards from Dairy Queen. If there is anything I learned from dad, it is the power that ice cream has to bring people together.


One thought on “Power of Ice Cream

  1. tanya says:

    I remember your Dad loved ice cream! Who doesn’t, really it does seem like a special treat. I hope you get to enjoy lots of ice cream! And your face is beautiful, the lack of hair makes it more noticeable. That’s why people are noticing now.

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