Back in Idaho Falls for 21 day bouts

After a really long day, here is the general overview.  Dr. Hung Khong (at Huntsman) and Dr. Brad Adams (in Idaho Falls), have decided that my chemotherapy will be administered in Idaho Falls. There are two immunotherapy trials at Huntsman that would be really good for me but I have to have the chemotherapy first. In order to help me get into the trials faster, both doctors have agreed to use some type of “newer” chemotherapy, which I can neither pronounce nor spell.  I will do the first infusion tomorrow afternoon. I will then do two more infusions, one every 21 days. While this sounds good to only have infusions every three weeks, it turns out that it takes 21 days between infusions to be healthy enough to get another dose. Both doctors say I’ll be able to handle it as long as I can keep my blood circulating well enough in the 21 day spans to help reduce the side effects. They have also given me two, yes TWO, prescriptions for the nausea.  I say if it gets me to immunotherapy trials faster…bring it on. I’m totally nervous. I’m stoked to be home with friends and family that can make me walk. I’m thinking about a letter my cousin, Kristy, sent.  She said not to worry as I come “from good stock.”  I’m wondering, is it good enough?  Can we handle it?  To which I respond…until the Lord himself tells me differently there is no reason to think otherwise.


One thought on “Back in Idaho Falls for 21 day bouts

  1. ktdancer4 says:

    Im not happy you will be sick, but I am happy you get to be home. Now you will have no excuse to get out and walk! Remember, we have a date every Tuesday night!

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