It has been an incredible day.  I have been surrounded by great people, doing great things.  I am so overwhelmed by the kindness of my friends and family.  How can I possibly say “thank you” to all the great deeds being done for my family.


For Mary: You Got This

I Have to  start by sharing the most amazing video (which I have no idea how to post).  My good friend, that just happens to be my boss, and unfortunately one of the people that got me into running, does everything in kind of extreme way
s.  For those of you who know Jorge, you know exactly what I am saying and for those of you who don’t, you are totally missing out.  He painted a portrait of me in 3.5 hours.  To top it off, he recoreded the experience and then made it into a time lapse video (which I can’t figure out how to post on this dang site).  This was Jorge’s idea of “peppy talk” before my appointment tomorrow.  Seriously, I would have been stoked with just a high five and a hug but Jorge really knows how to show emotions.  It is such a beautiful gesture.

As if this isn’t enough, my darling friend, Amanda, swings by.  She spends time chatting with my neighbors that I actually think might be sisters.  They are such a part of my life.  Amanda came over just to “visit.”  Just before leaving she gives me her favorite hat with bling and her favorite necklace with an ‘M’ on it (for Mandy).  These might not seem like much to anyone else but to me they  are tender mercies.  Amanda isn’t someone that gives of her possessions freely.  She is kind and quick to offer help whenever someone needs it.  She likes doing services but this was an act of true kindness, something from her heart, equally as impressive as the dedicated artwork from Jorge.

I can’t believe what it feels like to be surrounded by the tender mercies that the Lord has so abundantly given me and my family.  Jorge tells a story about running his first marathon.  I can’t remember how far into it he was but he recieved a text from Amanda.  Three simple words that have become a montra for our friendship “You Got This.”  I have often thought about how many times  my Father in Heaven has looked in on me and my family to find us struggling with some trial and thought “You Got This.”

Well, as I prepare for the first day of my cancer treatments, whatever they are, I say to all those who may read this…I GOT THIS.  I have this because of the faith of others, the prayers of everyone, the support of friends, the love of family, the hope of my kids, the belief of my husband…but I know in those moments when I stumble and I doubt, all of you will be there.  I know that all of you, as Jorge would say, “got me when I don’t feel like I got it.”  Luckily, the Lord already knows that I do…that is why he sent me such tender mercies.  When you see me,  whether for my benefit or yours, I’d appreciate a quick reminder…”We Got This.”  And yes, its a ‘we’ not an ‘I’…I need you all for this now.


4 thoughts on “We Got This…

  1. Richard ll says:

    I am so sorry Tate you have to go through this. I wish I got do it for you, but it makes me prod to see you be so strong. I want you to known that I known that your father in haven love you and is standing with you and he will carry you though this. When l was praying other day for you l had feeling that your dad was watching after you and I felt better. Mary you tuff and keep drive, l have compled faith that if we all do are the out come we’ll be great but we have to do are part.

    We love you Mary and I known you can’t beat this

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    • I read it perfectly. I was glad to have your words. I know you get uncomfortable being around those that may be suffering but I’m so grateful for your support and what you graciously show my brother. Thank you for your wisdom.


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