Marvel’s Avengers

I had to see Dr. Lemon today. He’s the surgeon that installed my port.  Side note: a port is a little device now mounted into my left chest with a tube that runs up and links into my jugular at my neck. It’s designed for things like dialysis and chemotherapy.  Anyway, when Dr. Lemon asked how things were or if I was having any problems with my port, I energetically explained that I think mine is broken. I then went on to explain that I was under the impression that he was installing the Arch Reactor and that I’d have a heart like Ironman.  However, mine has no lights.  Dr. Lemon just replied, “uh, funny.”   

 I’m actually getting a little excited to start this whole cancer treatment thing. I’m a huge Marvel’s Average fan. I have now had my Ironman heart installed. The future Gamma Ray radiation is surely going to leave me with Hulk-like characteristics. Chemotherapy trials will pump me full of experimental things that I’m hoping leave me with Captain American’s invincibility. My dear brother-in-law just equipped me with new eyewear, thus leaving me the closest I will ever be to Hawkeye.  I lack only the “special skills” of Black Widow and to stumble upon the hammer of Thor.  Oddly enough, Thor has my old hair.  

What do super heroes have that I don’t?  They require some type of unusual training, power, or ability to conquer evil.  I need faith, the prayers of good people, and encouragement.  I am a superhero and I don’t need my heart to light up to know that.  I know it because I see the hearts of those around me light up.  In the days ahead I will need encouragement. I will need reminders that there is hope, and comic relief.  Be not afraid of the challenge I face. See it has a chance to rise up, find your inner hero, and bless the lives of everyone you can. The more hearts we see light up, the more mine feels lightened.  And right now I could use all the burdens lightened that can be.  


One thought on “Marvel’s Avengers

  1. I thought you’d like my ironman humor. I didn’t think you’d turn it into a post for your blog. Mary, you are so strong. I’ve seen it in some of the smallest things. Be the superhero we both know you are and Kick Cancer’s Butt!!!

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