Looking Better

My friend, Amanda, is home from Mexico. I was so happy to see her.  Oddly enough, I’m convinced that her going to Mexico carries with it a bizarre curse. Every time she goes something bad happens here.  I don’t blame her for my cancer…it’s clearly Mexico’s fault. However, having her home and hearing the amazing, not to mention insanely traumatizing, experiences she has had in the past three months is such a great reminder to me that a prayer, even one made sincerely from a little church somewhere in Mexico on my behalf, has made a huge difference.  If any of you are wondering if your prayers are felt or needed or matter, the answer is most emphatically YES. Everyone’s prayer and every drop of faith matters. It matters to me. It matters to Josué. It matters to my kids. We feel them. We are carried through the day by the hope that has been gifted to us as your faithful prayers embrace our lives.  Seeing my friend, hearing her voice, feeling her spirit was a precious gift today. Welcome home, Amanda.

Sadly, I am one of those people that it takes a seriously unfortunate event to get me to commit to things like family pictures. In the nearly 15 years of marriage we have never had family pictures, excluding when my entire family did it for my mom (which I still have never seen).  I could never commit to clothing color schemes or the idea of having to update the darn thing because of how fast my kids would grow. I can probably list another four or five reasons. Josué and I were excited to go today. Our friend, Stephanie Carson (big shout out to her for her work – it’s beautiful) took our first family pictures. We didn’t do anything fancy for clothes. We went with what we could find in our closets. I had to keep taking my glasses off to pretend I had good eyes. Josué, Maximo and I all have the same haircut and used the same styling gel to get ready.  We were freezing but I’m stoked!  We have pictures as a family.  Funny how something that used to seem like a commitment takes on new meaning when your perception of time shifts a bit.  I seriously doubt that in the afterlife I’ll care what we wore in family pictures, but those still living value those pictures very differently. We only have one family picture with my dad. It was taken because one of us kids was selling them as a school fundraiser.  Dang him, after today I realize how many memories he missed out on making. 

So, as a quick recap of the day. My friend is home from the voodoo land of Mexico and family pictures are a great thing.  All this because of flaming cancer…things are starting to look better. 


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